HPLC Pigment Analytical Service

Scientific Manager :

Julia Uitz

Technical Manager :

Céline Dimier

Staff :

Joséphine Ras
The SAPIGH platform is a National Analytical Service, certified by the INSU-CNRS. It is dedicated to HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) measurements of phytoplankton pigments (chlorophylls and carotenoids) in the marine environment.
Based on a particularly sensitive method that has been validated by the scientific community, the objective of the SAPIGH platform is to carry out high quality measurements of phytoplankton pigments. This method enables the separation and quantification of >25 different pigments that provide information on the biomass, composition and photo-physiological status of phytoplankton communities. The SAPIGH service is open to the INSU research laboratories as well as to any research institute of the public or private sector. It offers services at three different rates applied depending on the status of the institute requesting the service. In parallel, SAPIGH includes research and development activities in methodology and data interpretation, proposes staff training on analytical aspects relative to pigment analysis and data interpretation, and contributes, as participant or coordinator, to national and international HPLC intercomparison exercises. The SAPIGH team involves Céline Dimier (technical leader), Joséphine Ras (R&D leader), Eva Delcamp (lab analyst), and Julia Uitz (scientific coordinator).