Full Spectrum

FACILITY : Full Spectrum


Full Spectrum

Microalgae cultures in ponds under instrumented greenhouses

Scientific Manager :

Antoine Sciandra

Technical Manager :

Eric Pruvost

Staff :

Amélie Talec | Hubert Bonnefond | Freddy Guihéneuf | Olivier Bernard | Emna Krichen | Julien Lopez
Experimental equipment dedicated to research on microalgae cultivated in ponds
The Full Spectrum infrastructure, funded by the CPER, was designed by LOV and EPI BIOCORE (Inria) to provide research teams with the technical facilities they need to test microalgae production processes that represent a major technological breakthrough for the industry. Located close to the laboratory, this facility enables fundamental research to be carried out on cultivation systems used in field conditions. It is maintained and implemented by a full-time engineer. The high level of automation and control of the cultivation systems is ensured by the ODIN software developed by Inria. Research is co-financed by collaborative projects (ANR, ADEME…) or by companies (Inalve startup).