Climate Reactors in clean container

Scientific Manager :

Cécile Guieu ; Frédéric Gazeau

Technical Manager :

Staff :

Jean-Michel Grisoni | Pierre Urrutti | Samir Alliouane
Embarkable container for experimental studies on the impact of climatic and biogeochemical forcing on pelagic ecosystems
The container is a thermostatically controlled clean room with 9 x 300 L reactors. These reactors, made of high density PE, are equipped with instruments to control and measure light, temperature, pH and stirring. The reactors are conical in shape and are equipped at their base with a sediment trap. A sampling system allows the collection of filtered or unfiltered samples for the measurement of biogeochemical parameters and trace elements. The container is equipped with a seawater inlet that can be directly connected to a high flow peristaltic pump to supply the reactors with water in a homogeneous way. This pumping system (pump + 500 m of tubing spread over 4 PVC reels) is associated with this technical platform. The whole system can be embarked on oceanographic vessels and is also operational at the laboratory in Villefranche.