PLATEFORM : PhytoPulse

Technical plateform


PhytoPlankton cULturing SystEm

Scientific Manager :

Amélie Talec

Technical Manager :

Amélie Talec

Members :

Eric Pruvost | Olivier Bernard | Antoine Sciandra | Freddy Guihéneuf | Aurélie Pham | | | | |
Set of automated and computer-controlled photobioreactors for the culture of microorganisms, especially phytoplankton
PhytoPulse provides the scientific community with a set of cylindrical and planar photobioreactors designed for the continuous culture of microalgae. Its high degree of automation by the ODIN software (Inria) allows continuous and reliable control of the growth conditions (T°C, pH, illumination, nutrients) over long periods, and on-line and high frequency measurement of the culture variables (cell density and size spectrum, NO3, NO2, turbidity, O2, …). Capable of reproducing the variability of natural growing conditions in the ocean environment, it is used for the fundamental study of phytoplankton. It is also used to improve strains of microalgae for their valorization (biofuels, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, animal and human food), particularly through varietal selection. The data produced by PhytoPulse have the quality required to validate the growth models developed by the team BIOCORE (Inria).