Quantitative imaging platform of Villefranche

Scientific Manager :

Marc Picheral

Technical Manager :

Amanda Elineau

Staff :

Laëtitia Jalabert | Lucas Courchet
The PIQv provides services for plankton and large particle analysis using imagery. The PIQv also provides trainings and instrument rental.
The PIQv is a Quantitative Imaging Platform located at the Institut de la Mer in Villefranche sur mer. This platform is part of EMBRC since 2015. It uses specific imaging instruments and methods developed by the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche sur mer. The platform is equipped with 10 acquisition systems (2 FlowCAM, 4 ZooScan and 4 UVP5) and 15 stations for image analysis and processing.The PIQv provides services of :- Analysis of plankton samples using quantitative imagery- Training- Instrument calibration- Rental of in-situ Underwater Vision Profiler imaging instrument (UVP)- Hosting of users for sample analysis using the instruments and software of the platform- Hosting and classification of images and data in the EcoTaxa applicationThe platform users are from SU or external from national and foreign academic institutions as well as private enterprises.