Scientific project


A multipurpose 3D Monte Carlo Code for Optical Simulation

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Edouard Leymarie

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SimulO is a Monte-Carlo code developed to easily simulate various optical typologies especially in the field of marine optics. A graphical interface allows the user to simulate optical configurations without having to modify the underlying code.
SimulO is a natural 3D forward Monte Carlo, which implies that photons are followed one at a time from the source to the point where they are absorbed. SimulO is written in Delphi®, a visual Pascal object-oriented language. This language allows to create a “user-friendly” Windows interface, while the object-oriented architecture is the most powerful way to create a code to manage a device described by several optical objects. In SimulO, the user can compose complex optical devices by positioning and sizing any number of elementary objects. Presently three elementary shapes are available: sphere, cube, and cylinder.