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Scientific project


Large scale structure of planktonic populations

Principal Investigator(s) :

Fabien Lombard

Local Coordinator(s) :

Fabien Lombard

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This projects aims to foster existing techniques of plankton imaging and to explore new analytical way to interwind multiple and complementary observation over the whole plankton size range
this project aim to conceive new plankton sampling techniques and more importantly to develop new analytic methods for plankton observations made with quantitative imaging devices. The researched goal is to obtain a unified and coherent view of the whole planktonic ecosystem, from sub-micrometer sized to centimeter-sized organisms, rather than having a fragmented view of the planktonic ecosystem, corresponding to the variety of sampling methods (nets, water samples) or analysis methods (eg. Flowcytometry, plankton imaging devices). Such an unified view of the planktonic ecosystem, structured by size, taxonomy, functional types, and trophic position would allow to better understand the environmental effect on plankton diversity, trophic organisation and its transfer efficiency through larger organisms. It will use data from Villefranche sur Mer but also at large spatial scale (Tara-Ocean, Tara-Polar Circle and the on-going Tara Pacific cruises).