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Land-Based Solutions for Plastics in the Sea

Principal Investigator(s) :

Ricardo Beiras

Local Coordinator(s) :

Maria-Luiza Pedrotti

Team(s) involved :

Members :

Fabien Lombard | Louis Caray--Counil | Emma Labis | Juliette Maury | Marie-Emmanuelle Kerros
LABPLAS develops new techniques and models for the quantification of small micro- and nanoparticles (PMNPs), including identification methods to determine the abundance, distribution and toxicity of PMNPs and associated chemicals in the environment.
The EU-funded LABPLAS project aims to build capacity (sampling, analytical and quantification techniques, new materials, models) to accurately assess the interactions of plastics with environmental compartments and natural cycles in order to develop effective mitigation, removal measures and management decisions. It will develop reliable identification methods to assess the abundance, distribution and toxicity of NPMS in the environment, providing new cutting-edge technologies and practical computational tools that, on a larger scale, should enable European agencies to map plastic-impacted hot spots. The multi-stakeholder approach will create scientific knowledge through a partnership between scientists, technicians, research organisations and companies, working towards the recognition at different levels (society, industry, policy) of the main issues (sources, potential biodegradability, ecotoxicology, ingestion, environmental assessment) related to plastics pollution in ecosystems.