Scientific project


Fluxes of particulate matter, carbon and microplastics in the Rhône delta, under the influence of extreme events

Principal Investigator(s) :

Christophe Rabouille

Local Coordinator(s) :

David Doxaran

Team(s) involved :


Members :

The objective is to estimate the amount of suspended particulate matter, carbon and microplastics at the interface between land and ocean at the Rhône delta, and to understand the the influence of floods and storms.
The scientific questions addressed by DELTARHONE are: (1) How to provide data to constrain the models used to compute the fluxes and transfer of suspended particulate matter, carbon and microplastics?; (2) What is the initial fate of suspended particles and carbon supplied by the river during flood events (ratio between deposition and transport in the river plume)?; (3) Can we estimate the fluxes associated (particles, carbon and microplastics) during winter storm events?; (4) What are the distribution and dynamics des microplastics and in the prodelta?; (5) What are the sedimentation rates of particles, carbon and microplastics in the prodelta?; (6) What is the influence of recycling in the water column and within surface sediments on the carbon fate in the prodelta ? These questions are addressed combining the use of sediment transport and biogeochemical models to field measurements and satellite observations, together with new field data recorded during dedicated field campaigns.