PLATEFORM : LOV - Lipids analysis

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LOV - Lipids analysis

Biochemical analysis platform dedicated to lipid analysis

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The biochemical analysis platform makes it possible to analyze lipids, but also to determine total sugars, proteins. It allows to quantify the different lipid classes present and to determine the composition of fatty acids and alcohols.
The analytical platform of the LOV allows these different analyses :- Lipid extraction according to the Bligh and Dyer method: presence of different types of homogenizers and a ball mill, allowing adaptation according to the lipid load or the type of biological tissue to be extracted. – Quantification of the different lipid classes present (neutral lipids, glycolipids or phospholipids) by Thin Layer Chromatography (CCM) coupled with FID detection on Iatroscan New MK5. Automated application of lipids to be analyzed on chromarods on a Maxxi 3000 NTS autospot.- Purification of lipid classes: neutral lipids or polar lipids (different classes of glycolipids and phospholipids) on Extract Clean SPE column or on Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC).- Quantification of total or specific fatty acids of a purified lipid class by Gas Chromatography (GC) with FID detection. The platform has 2 Perkin Elmer chromatographs.